Know how insighting can help your consumers better and be able to connect the dots and deliver campaigns that speak to your target market.

  • What is the level of integration needed between technical and human knowledge to be used in insighting?
  • What competencies are needed for insighting and sensemaking, and what training are needed to develop such competencies?
  • How to handle personal biases in insighting and sensemaking?
  • What are barriers to insighting?
  • Where do you start to do insighting?
  • What are the challenges in the journey from insight to execution?
  • Can you actually shape consumption and buying habits given the clutter out there?
  • What excites you about the future possibilities in marketing based on your sensemaking?


Learn first hand strategies from the market masters behind several challenger brands that successfully attacked market leaders.

  • What are natural inclinations of market challengers?
  • How many types of competitive attacks can be expected from market challengers?
  • Are there ideal situations to attack a market leader?
  • What should challenger brands not do?
  • How to create a data strategy to challenge market leaders?
  • What are lessons learned from successful market challengers?
  • How can market challengers anticipate market leader’s move and what can they do about it?
  • Can David and Goliath both win in a fight?


Witness the story and strategies behind defense plans of market leaders against challenger brands.

  • How do you ensure employee buy-in and mindset changes for difficult changes required in defensive marketing?
  • Large organisations are normally well oiled process driven organisations that resist deviations. How do you ensure an entrepreneurial culture to drive market driven, defensive marketing strategies?
  • How do you defend against smaller organisations that are leaner, faster and have less stringent profitability requirements?
  • How are defense teams formed?
  • How does a large established organization ensure relevance?
  • How to defend against low price attack?
  • How should a company prioritize defense spending?
  • How to balance spending on defense vs. offense?


Master market-driving with the Marketing guru and market masters. Learn how you can leverage on these unserved and undeserved markets.

  • Why is market driving innovation needed?
  • How to choose from among the various non-user market segment?
  • What are some practices that kill innovation in a company?
  • How can a small company in the Philippines, playing in an industry dominated by foreign and domestic brand, drive true market driving innovation?
  • How can a brand use digital to have true market driving innovation?
  • Where to start to create an innovation culture?
  • What are common violations in analyzing customer's feedback from the field?
  • What traits to look for potential innovators?


Understand how market masters decide which channels to capitalize to ensure maximum results on their marketing strategies.

  • How to audit the functions of your channels?
  • What framework(s) is/are needed to optimize motivation and collaboration of a channel member especially intermediaries?
  • What are the new inexpensive and simpler tools most progressive companies today employ to identify the trade marketing programs that best deliver their desired results?
  • What measures are needed to control multiple prices set throughout the channel as a product passes hands from one channel partner to another?
  • What are some effective ways to control encroachment of channel members?
  • What are some new ways to reduce the power of a powerful channel?/li>
  • How are you preparing yourselves as suppliers to help customers who are transitioning to e-commerce?
  • What governance strategies do you employ to influence your distributors or other channel partners to share strategic information?


Be updated with the future of marketing from the market masters behind the country's biggest brands!

  • Omni-channel is showing no signs of slowing down, what should retailers (whether online or brick-and-mortar) do to keep up with the omni-channel shoppers?
  • What are the key differences between Millennials and Gen Z? How will this impact how companies currently communicate and reach consumers?
  • How can the “conscious” consumer segment transform businesses?
  • How can voice technology be used in the consumer product industry, in retail industry, or even in cosmetics industry?
  • What is precision advertising and how does one apply this concept?
  • How to build a data management platform as a key element for performance marketing?
  • With more e-commerce expected, what key metrics should be used for campaigns?
  • How are high operating costs creating new channel or location trends for retailers?